Execution Excellence

Based on its deep technology expertise, its competences and skills, as well as decades of hands-on experience in PV & RE projects, Syntegra lives a “No Excuses Policy”. The Syntegra motto “We Succeed” translates to tangible benefits for our clients, customers and partners.

On-Time, On-Budget, Top-Quality completion of large RE/PV Power Plant Projects

There is no substitute to an on-time, on-budget, and top-quality completion of RE/PV Projects: nothing is more devasting than missed FIT deadlines, nothing is more expensive than the verdict “non-bankable” of an independent Due Diligence, nothing has a bigger impact on financial models than inferior long-term performance due to low quality design, components, construction, for an investment with a technical life-time of 25+ years.

Syntegra has an unparalleled proven track record in top performance of PV Power Plants and Systems, providing assurance and comfort to Owners, Investors, and Lenders.

Best Reliability of Commercial PV Roof-Top Systems

Since 2003!, Syntegra and its partners design and install state-of the art PV Roof-Top Power Systems, namely for Commercial and Industrial Buildings.

Syntegra Partners “walk the talk”, as they have invested in own PV Power Projects for decades, with the associated direct experience in operating and maintaining PV assets.

Bankable Technology Due Diligences

Completely independent and neutral, based on in-depth PV technology expertise and decades of experiences, Syntegra is uniquely positioned to provide Technology Due Services: to pass unbiased judgement, to identify sound assets, to save clients from risky investments, to provide comfort and assurance to banks and lenders.
“It surely pays” – an authentic quote of a satisfied client.

Lender Technical Advisor Services for large investments in PV Component Manufacturing

Syntegra expertise is deeply rooted in PV technologies and PV production processes, demonstrated by a proven track record as Lenders Technical Advisor for large investments in PV Module Manufacturing – crystalline and thin-film PV technologies alike.