RASLAG 10 MWp PV Power Plant Commissioned

April 29, 2015: Syntegra Solar announced today, that the company realized in the Philippine the first RASLAG Corp (RASLAG) 10 MWp PV Power Plant successful in March 2015. The solar project was commissioned on-time and on-budget.

The RASLAG PV Power Plant was built 50 km from the Manila, on the country’s biggest island of Luzon. RASLAG is the renewable energy arm of generation company Angeles Power, Inc. (API) in the Philippine. The plant’s 30,000 PV modules will produce electricity to supply 4,800 local homes.

Syntegra Solar’s comprehensive Owners Engineer Services for the RASALG PV Power Plant covered the entire range of services from initial PC Power Plant Concept Development, Technical Feasibility and Commercial Viability Studies, the Management of the Tender Solicitation, the support in EPC and O&M contract negotiations, and an on-site Monitoring and Validation Due Diligence during the entire construction up to and including Commissioning and FAT Final Acceptance Testing.

With a new Owners Engineer Services contract signed most recently, Syntegra Solar serves now in more than 200 MWp of larger PV Power Plants in S.E. Asia. More than 150 MWp of these PV Power Plants are located in the Philippines, making Syntegra Solar one of the most prominent Owners Engineer in this region.

“We are happy and proud at the same time to render first-class services to our customers, in walking the extra mile to make sure that “our” PV Power Plant projects develop as planned. Our experience and expertise in developing and owning own PV Power Plants position Syntegra uniquely to apply lessons learned to the benefit of our customers”, states Mathias G. Kothe, founder and Managing Partner of Syntegra.

Syntegra Solar offers a full range of service like in-depth PV technology and PV systems expertise, thorough experiences, application of best practice processes during design reviews and installation supervision, enabled by a continued on-site presences of Senior PV Experts from Germany. Syntegra Solar assures an on-time and on-budget installation in the desire superior long-term quality of the PV Power Plants.

About Syntegra Solar:

Syntegra Solar Intl AG is an established partnership of consultants, covering upstream and downstream activities in the PV solar industry. The partners have deep insight into the performance characteristics and production processes of PV cells and PV modules. Downstream activities cover project development, tender solicitation and bid evaluation, as well as OE (Owner’s Engineer) and LTA (Lenders Technical Advisor) Services.

Founded in 2003, the Syntegra partnership is engaged in PV Power Plant projects in the EU, in Southeast Asia, in the GCC region and selected MENA countries, as well as in Eurasia and in South America. Following the trend in PV installations, Syntegra has set a focus on Asia and MENA, currently providing Owners Engineer Services for more than 300 MWp in different Asian countries. Syntegra is also engaged in developing large-scale PV projects of more than 2 GWp in the MENA region.