SaCaSoL 1C/1D 23 MWp PV power Plants Commissioned

August 31, 2015: Syntegra Solar announced today, that the company as the Owners Engineer for San Carlos Solar Energy Inc., was instrumental in the successful installation of the SaCaSol 1C/1D PV Power Plants in August 2015. The overall 23 MWp PV Power Plant project was commissioned on-budget and met the SaCaSol schedule on-time; the installation is lauded for its superior quality.

The SaCaSol 1C/1D PV Power Plants have been installed near San Carlos on Negros Occidental, next to the already operational 22 MWp SaCaSol 1A/1B PV Power Plants commissioned in May and August 2014, respectively. The new plant’s 88,950 PV modules will produce some 30,700 MWh of CO2-free electricity per year and is able to supply more than 11,000 larger homes in the Philippines.

Syntegra Solar’s comprehensive Owners Engineer Services for the SaCaSol PV Power Plants cover all quality assurance aspects of the designs along with continuous on-site QA/QC management, from groundbreaking for site-preparation up to and including Commissioning and FAT Final Acceptance Testing. After commissioning of the SaCaSol 1C/1D Power Plants, Syntegra is engaged to supervise initial O&M, making sure that all punchlist items are addressed in due time.

The SaCaSol 1C/1D PV Power Plants are one of 10 PV Power Plants in the Philippines for which Syntegra serves as Owners Engineer, ranging from 10 MWp to 50 MWp and total some 240 MWp.

Syntegra Solar offers a full range of services including in-depth PV technology and PV systems expertise, extensive experience and application of best practice processes during design reviews and installation supervision, enabled by a continuous on-site presence of German and international Senior PV Experts. Syntegra Solar assures the on-time and on-budget installation of PV Power Plants while delivering superior, long-term quality and reliability.

About Syntegra Solar:

Syntegra Solar Intl AG is an established partnership of consultants, covering upstream and downstream activities in the PV solar industry. The partners have deep insight into the performance characteristics and production processes of PV cells and PV modules. Downstream activities cover project development, tender solicitation and bid evaluation, as well as OE (Owner’s Engineer) and LTA (Lenders Technical Advisor) Services.

Founded in 2003, the Syntegra partnership is engaged in PV Power Plant projects in the EU, in Southeast Asia, in the GCC region and selected MENA countries, as well as in Eurasia and in South America. Following the trend in PV installations, Syntegra has set a focus on Asia and MENA, currently providing Owners Engineer Services for more than 300 MWp in different Asian countries. Syntegra is also engaged in developing large-scale PV projects of more than 2 GWp in the MENA region.