RASLAG II PV Power Plant in the Philippines (13,1 MWp) commissioned 4 weeks ahead of schedule

  • 55,544 PV panels will produce electricity to supply more than 6,300 Philippe homes
  • Offsetting the emission of more than 9,500 tons of CO2 annually

Dec 23nd 2015: Syntegra Solar announced that the RASLAG II PV Power Plant project has been commissioned and went on-line today more than 4 weeks ahead of schedule.

The RASLAG II PV Power Plant is designed to produce more than 19,400 MWh of electrical power per year, offsetting the emission of more than 9,500 tons of CO2 annually. The plant’s 55,544 PV panels will produce electricity to supply more than 6,300 Philippe homes with green, renewable electricity from the sun.

Total installation time for the entire PV Power Plant from ground-breaking to commissioning was only 13 weeks.

“Given the sometimes difficult circumstances in the Philippines, e.g. due to adverse weather conditions, the commissioning of the RASLAG II PV Power Plant much ahead of schedule is an achievement we are especially proud of, and which to our knowledge is unique in the current situation of some 600 MWp of PV Power Plant rushing to completion in the Philippines”, states Tobias Preuss, Managing Partner of Syntegra Solar and Syntegra Solar Owners Engineer Project Leader for the Philippines.

The RASLAG II PV Power Plant has been built in Barangay Suclaban/Mexico, some 60 km north of Manila near the NLEX freeway and next to the 10 MWp RASLAG I Power Plant, which was commissioned as one of the first ground-mounted Philippine PV Power Plants already in March 2015. Through the entire project development including contract negotiations, as well as implementation and commissioning, Syntegra Solar as Owners Engineer was instrumental in coordinating and supervising that the second RASLAG PV Power Plant is now completed significantly ahead of time, on budget, and in assured superior quality.

RASLAG is the renewable energy arm of generation company Angeles Power, Inc. (API) in the Philippines. With a total production capacity of more than 23 MWp, the utility owns and operates one of the largest integrated PV Power Plant assets in the Philippines, and has emerged as the leading Philippine utility to harness solar power on a large scale.

About Syntegra Solar:

Syntegra Solar Intl AG is an established partnership of consultants, covering upstream and downstream activities in the PV solar industry. The partners have deep insight into the performance characteristics and production processes of PV cells and PV modules. Downstream activities cover project development, tender solicitation and bid evaluation, as well as OE (Owner’s Engineer) and LTA (Lenders Technical Advisor) Services.

Founded in 2003, the Syntegra partnership is engaged in PV Power Plant projects in the EU, in Southeast Asia, in the GCC region and selected MENA countries, as well as in Eurasia and in South America. Following the trend in PV installations, Syntegra has set a focus on Asia and MENA, currently providing Owners Engineer Services for more than 300 MWp in different Asian countries. Syntegra is also engaged in developing large-scale PV projects of more than 2 GWp in the MENA region.