Due Diligence Services

Industry Value Chain

Short Investment Due Diligences
Targeted no-frills investment Due Diligences, carried out by senior industry experts for a fast, to-the-point validation of investments thesis and investments rationale.

Technology Due Diligences
Comprehensive technology evaluation covering products, R&D strategy, people and comprising: status, timing, markets and applications, equipment services & facilities, manufacturing due diligence, risk analysis, cost analysis.

Commercial Due Diligences
Comprehensive commercial evaluation covering business plan, products, operations, people, incl. product and product portfolio analysis, market analysis, competitive positioning, customers and applications, competitive environment, cost structure and profitability, strategy, marketing, sales and distribution. 

Power Generation Systems

PV Systems Damage Appraisals
Investigations and appraisals on design flaws, on hardware malfunction and on underperformance of PV plants/systems. Bankable Due Diligences on origin and remedy of flaws/damages to protect PV power plant and system investments.

Arbitrage & Dispute Settlement
Juridical reports and expert witness statements, based on in-depth technology analysis as well as lab testing, to arrive at favorable settlements for our clients in arbitrage and dispute proceedings.

Consulting and Advisory Services

Industry Value Chain

Strategy Development
We are not the typical strategy consultants - we are industry veterans with a multidisciplinary background. We work at the crossroads between business technology and finance. We bring an unique view to your business

Innovation & Business Development
We support companies repositioning their businesses, choosing and entering new markets. We serve clients with the ambition to innovate, differentiate and diversify. We scout and evaluate new technologies and their business potential.

Value Enhancement Projects
We support clients in both growth projects as well as cost reduction projects including restructuring and purchasing projects. In special cases, we are also acting operatively on a interim basis

Power Generation Systems

Owners Engineer Services
Our Owners Engineer Services for large scale PV power plants include Tech. Feasibility & Economic Viability, Tender Solicitation & Bid Evaluation, Contract Negotiation Support, Commissioning & FAT, Bankable FAT-Report.

PV System Optimization Solutions
Optimizing power output and assuring long term performance of Solar Parks based on our in-depth PV technology and PV systems expertise. Bankable reports.

Electricity Market

Scenario Development
Trends & Strategies

New Business Development

Transaction Advisory Services

Industry Value Chain

Deal Origination
Focus on targets that meet required criteria, while strongly leveraging our global network.

Prospect Analysis
Exhaustive commercial due diligence, scrutinizing sector fundamentals, evaluating risks, and conducting stringent diligence on business plans and management merits.

Business Advisory
Advise on strategic options, based on in-depth market assessment and an independent view on the strength and weaknesses of targets.

Power Generation Systems

Asset Identification
Identify the best assets, fulfilling the funds investment criteria, both on the primary as well as on the secondary market.

Asset Analysis
Scrutinizing the assets with respect to matching the performance targets as well as the risk exposure – propose risk mitigation.

PV & PV-Hybrid Systems

Syntegra Solar with its affiliates develop, install turn-key, and service PV Roof-Top Power Systems for investors in selected regions in Europe, in MENA, in the Caribbean Region, in South & Central America.

We focus on mid-sized PV roof-top power systems as one of the most sensible and economic PV application, where clean power is “produced and consumed on premises”.

For references, we have commissioned some 120 PV power system projects, mostly smaller to mid-sized residential / industrial / commercial PV power systems.


  • Identification of viable PV projects & investors
  • Feasibility Checks: technical, legal and commercial evaluation


  • PV System Layout
  • Engineering of civial and electrical details
  • Energy yield simulation
  • Cost calculations


  • Project management & organisation set up
  • Obtaining all required permits and licenses
  • Equity & debt financing


  • Component sourcing and procurement
  • Electrical & mechanical installation
  • Grid-connecttion and commissioning, FAT

Monitoring & Services

  • PV system performance monitoring & evaluation
  • Service & Maintenance
  • PV system Due Diligence & PV System optimization