About Syntegra Solar

Syntegra Solar is a specialized Solar PV Consulting & Advisory and Project Development Firm, recognized for its Focus and Expertise in Photovoltaic Technologies

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What we do

Committed to Innovation and Growth in Renewable Energies/Solar PV: we provide Top Expert Services in the Development, Engineering and Realization of State-of-the Art PV Power Plants and Systems

Our Strengths

Executions Excellence:
On-Time, On-Budget, Top-Quality Completion of PV Power Plants and Commercial/Industrial PV Roof-Top Power Systems

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References World-Wide

Top References of State-Of-The-Art PV Power Plants and Systems – a demonstrated Record of successfull PV Projects

32 MW

ISLASOl I, Philippines

48 MW

ISLASOl II, Philippines

50 MW

Tarlac Solar Power Project (TSPP), Philippines

13 MW

RASLAG II, Philippines

23 MW

SaCaSol 1C/1D, Philippines

News/Press Releases

Syntegra signed first Owners Engineer Service Contracts in...

Syntegra signed first Owners Engineer Service Contracts in Vietnam with renowned Construction...
June 20, 2017 >

RASLAG 10 MWp PV Power Plant Commissioned

April 29, 2015: Syntegra Solar announced today, that the company realized in the Philippine the...
April 29, 2016 >

Two additional Philippine PV Power Plants totaling 43 MW...

Two new PV Power plants, located in Bataan/Central Luzon and in Negros Occidental, Western Visayas,...
March 15, 2016 >

4 New Major PV Power Plants totaling 98 MWp commissioned...

4 new PV Power plants, located in Negros, Philippines, were commissioned and energized in the past...
March 11, 2016 >

50 MWp TSPP PV Power Plant commissioned on-time and...

50,07 MWp largest single PV Power Plant to date in Philippines, one of the largest in South-East...
January 28, 2016 >

RASLAG II PV Power Plant in the Philippines (13,1 MWp)...

55,544 PV panels will produce electricity to supply more than 6,300 Philippe homesOffsetting the...
December 23, 2015 >

Syntegra Solar serves as Owners Engineer in 250 MWp of PV...

8 PV Power Plants in TotalAll PV Power Plants to meet the Philippine FIT deadline on March 15, 2016 ...
December 14, 2015 >

SaCaSoL 1C/1D 23 MWp PV power Plants Commissioned

August 31, 2015: Syntegra Solar announced today, that the company as the Owners Engineer for San...
August 31, 2015 >

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