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Due Diligence Services
Industry Value Chain
Short Investment Due Diligences

Targeted no-frills investment Due Diligences, carried out by senior industry experts for a fast, to-the-point validation of investments thesis and investments rationale.

Technology Due Diligences

Comprehensive technology evaluation covering products, R&D strategy, people and comprising: status, timing, markets and applications, equipment services & facilities, manufacturing due diligence, risk analysis, cost analysis.

Commercial Due Diligences

Comprehensive commercial evaluation covering business plan, products, operations, people, incl. product and product portfolio analysis, market analysis, competitive positioning, customers and applications, competitive environment, cost structure and profitability, strategy, marketing, sales and distribution.

Power Generation Systems
PV Systems Damage Appraisals

Investigations and appraisals on design flaws, on hardware malfunction and on underperformance of PV plants/systems. Bankable Due Diligences on origin and remedy of flaws/damages to protect PV power plant and system investments.

Arbitrage & Dispute Settlement

Juridical reports and expert witness statements, based on in-depth technology analysis as well as lab testing, to arrive at favorable settlements for our clients in arbitrage and dispute proceedings.